As imaging service provider MOIN Services, the team at MOIN CC focusing on commercial collaboration, offers key expertise on innovative diagnostic and therapeutic procedures for the detection and treatment of oncological, inflammatory, musculoskeletal, and neurological disorders. The methods provided are driven by multimodal, multiparametric, molecular and micromorphological imaging as well as translational research. The possibility to run longitudinal in vivo studies in the same animal not only reduces the number of animals necessary but also leads to higher information content. Combining different imaging modalities provides additional information besides the target of interest that in the past has not been accessible. Using state-of-the-art in vivo imaging equipment we accelerate preclinical drug development and increase the success rate for new drugs and biomarkers. The imaging approaches available permit quantitative assessment of status and changes, e.g. induced by treatment, and thus offer a more objective, reproducible and yet sensitive and specific assessment of morphological or functional changes in vivo.


In oncology projects MOIN closely collaborates with its partners of the Institute of Experimental Cancer Research - Section for Molecular Oncology in Kiel who have an outstanding experience in orthotopic xenotransplantation. More than 2000 transplants using various native tumor cell lines or tumor cell lines either expressing fluorescent proteins or bioluminescent markers have been performed. At MOIN CC we also have models for metastasis and infections and we have an expertise in gastrointestinal imaging. In inflammation, the researchers of the Cluster of Excellence Inflammation at Interfaces in Kiel provide a broad range of expertise. In the musculoskeletal area the Section of Biomedical Imaging has more than 25 years of experience in both clinical and preclinical imaging approaches. Finally, neurosciences represent one the focus research areas of the Faculty of Medicine in Kiel and the Section of Biomedical Imaging has a long standing expertise in neuroimaging, with special focus on MR imaging.


MOIN Services offers its competence in imaging technologies to industrial companies like Biotech, Pharma and Contract Research Organizations. MOIN Services delivers imaging services on a fee for service basis according to the sponsor’s study protocol. Typical examples include growth curves for tumors implanted into mice or rats, pharmacokinetic profiling, evaluation of new biomarkers or contrast agents, and monitoring of therapeutic action – all of these aspects evaluated non-invasively over time in vivo.

In addition to the imaging services MOIN Services also has expertise in drug delivery and controlled release. Our technology platform of Magneto-Enzymatically Sensitive Liposomes (MESL patent pending) permit flexible encapsulation of a broad range of drugs with imaging labels attached to monitor delivery and release. This approach lends itself to optimize targeted treatment of local disease thereby enhancing the therapeutic effect while minimizing side effects.


For all of the areas mentioned above MOIN CC is also open to more research based partnerships. These longer term cooperations are pursued following a milestone based contract that can be designed and adapted to the sponsor’s needs.

Please refer also to our "Terms of Use" (Nutzerordnung - in German) and our "Usage fees" (Nutzungsentgelte - in German).  

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