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An experimental 3-camera near-infrared surgical microscope based on the Möller-Wedel Spectra 500 (Möller-Wedel, Wedel, Germany) is being developed in cooperation with the manufacturer. The system allows the on-line acquisition of bright light images along with imaging of two different fluorescent dyes (emission wavelengths 635 nm and >730nm) in living animals. Additionally, a set of excitation filters allows the utilization of flexible fluorophore combinations. The highly sensitive camera system permits the quantitative evaluation of fluorescence levels. Currently the clinically approved indocyanine green (ICG) dye is used for tumor localization and imaging of lymphatic clearance. The system includes a laser backreporting system directly targeting objects under observation: a laser with a fluorophore-specific wavelength is projected onto the sample and detects activated fluorescence that exceeds a predefined adjustable threshold. In intraoperative imaging this could work as an indicator of labeled (residual tumor) cells. The figure shows ICG labeled liposomes accumulating in a pancreas tumor.

ICG-labeled liposomes Fluorescence microscope working place

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