• Online Imaging Seminar on imaging metabolism in tumours by Prof. Ferdia Gallagher, University of Cambridge

    We are pleased to announce the continuation of our Kiel Imaging Seminar (KIS)! The fourth...

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  • Online Imaging Seminar on Zero-field NMR by Dr. Alcicek, Goethe University Frankfurt

    We are pleased to announce that the third Kiel Imaging Seminar (KIS) will take place next Monday,...

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  • Preclinical 13C and 15N DNP using the SpinAligner

    Dear colleagues, We are pleased to announce that the second Kiel Imaging Seminar (KIS) will take...

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The Waterkant Hackathon took place on the 4th of June and the 5th of June. This international event was a great success! Four teams from all over the globe participated in the task of assessing fracture grades in 2D slices of CT images. After 27 hours the winning team from San Francisco scored 0.35 compared to a baseline of 1.25.

Our team consisting of Niklas Koser, Timo Damm, Nicolai Krekiehn, and Johannes Köpnick from SBMI's Intelligent Imaging Lab (IIL) initially scored 0.87 after 24 hours and placed third on the official ranking. Moreover, we could improve the score to 0.55, later even to 0.48 still within the Hackathon's extended timeframe!

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