The Intelligent Imaging Lab @ Section Biomedical Imaging

Collaborative Research Project


"Artificial intelligence for radiological
imaging in emergency and
intensive care medicine

within the Northern German Collaborative Research Project Ki-SIGS




… is part of KI-SIGS „AI-Space for Intelligent Healthcare Systems“, the large AI research consortium in Northern Germany, with partner universities in Bremen, Hamburg, and Lübeck (including the KI-SIGS coordinating center).
In KI-RAD we aim to develop software that can serve as intelligent assistant to radiologist and clinicians specifically for
discriminating hemorrhage and infarction as causes of stroke patients in the emergency unit,
identifying fresh fractures in trauma patients helping to quickly clarify appropriate medical treatment.

KI-RAD partners

KI-RAD partners include the University Medical Center Schleswig-Holstein with the Department of Radiology and Neurodiology in Kiel (Prof. Olav Jansen, Dr. Sam Sedaghat and Johanna Rümenapp) and the Department of Radiology and Nuclear Medicine in Lübeck (Prof. Jörg Barkhausen), the Institute of Medical Informatics at the University Lübeck (Prof. Mattias Heinrich), the Section Biomedical Imaging at the University Medical Center Hamburg Eppendorf (Prof. Tobias Knopp), Prof. Carsten Meyer, Ostfalia University of Applied Sciences, Wolfenbüttel, and two companies: Philips Research, Hamburg and mbits, Heidelberg. 

Human Spine

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